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Navajo-Churro sheep are a rare breed know for their dual coats and unique horns.  They are renowned for their hardiness, and are very low-maintenance.  While raised primarily for their wool, their meat is very lean and tastes excellent!

At Nash Farms we've been raising Navajo-Churro sheep for over 20 years.  We sell wool and breeding stock.  Please inquire!


from Wikipedia:
"Navajo-Churro are descended from a cross between the Churra and the Jacob Sheep. The Churra (renamed Churro by American frontiersmen) was first imported to North America in the 16th century and used to feed Spanish armies and settlers. By the 17th century Churros were popular with the Spanish settlers in the upper Rio Grande Valley. Flocks of Churros were also acquired by the Navajo through trading. The Churro soon became an important part of the Navajo economy and culture.

A series of United States government-sponsored flock reductions and cross-breedings decimated the Navajo flocks until the Churro sheep nearly disappeared. Restoration of the breed began in the 1970s when breeders began acquiring Churro phenotypes with the purpose of preserving the breed and revitalizing Navajo and Hispanic flocks.

While the Navajo-Churro breed is no longer in danger of extinction, Navajo-Churro sheep are still considered a rare breed."

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